Q.What wood is used to make the pet-flap surrounds and is it eco-friendly?

A. We use a timber called "Paulownia", a lightweight but extremely strong wood which is grown on plantations and matures in only 7yrs compred to 40 yrs for traditional Oak or Ash.For this reason it is highly sustainable and eco-friendly.After harvesting,new trees grow back from the stumps which offers significant benefit to the environment over felling.

Q. How easy are the surrounds to fit?

A. Very easy.Simply cut the strip of velcro into three,peel off the backing paper and apply to the frame.Peel the top backing paper off the velcro and place the frame around your pet-flap. Hold in place for about a minute and hey-presto, your pet has a posher pad!

Q. Can I put surrounds both inside and outside?

A. Definitely! You may want to have a different style for each side of the door.

Q. How long will my surrounds last?

A. They are made from very robust timber but how long they last will depend on the positioning.They will obviously last far longer inside as they won't be exposed to the elements.

Q. Can I customise my surround?

A. Definitely, why not decorate with holly wreathes, birthday banners and pumkins so your pet can join in seasonal fun.

Q. Do they come in defferent sizes?

A. Not at the moment.We have tried to get a product which will fit the most popular sizes of pet-flap. We do have the facility to create bespoke/designer surrounds but it is a costly exercise. Please contact us for more information.